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The Space-Based Construction Company

Decoupling space structures from the limited payload volume using additive manufacturing


We are making large scale manufacturing in space possible 

Our universal 3D printing satellite will be able to manufacture complex structures of any size and shape directly on orbit faster, cheaper and more agile than on earth

Typical Rocket Fairing 

Up to 20x larger structures per rocket by using our solution.

The status quo:

Manufacture on Earth

In order to survive the rocket trip, space structures have to be up to 70% heavier than required once in space.

Ship to space

Large projects require 3x more rocket trips to ship ready made structures vs manufacturing them directly in space

Assemble in space

Operational complexity is high because modules shipped on separate rockets have to be assembled in orbit.

Manufacturing on earth is up to 70% less material efficient than in space - limiting commercial access to space.


We are making manufacturing in space possible thanks to our
3D printing technology.

Ship raw materials to space

  • Increased material efficiency means you need up to 3x fewer rocket trips compared the status quo.

  • Raw materials can use 100% of the available cargo space.

  • They can survive any acceleration during launch.

Manufacture in Space 

  • Due to the microgravity environment, structures need up to 70% less raw material compared to being built on earth and shipped to space.  

  • Operational complexity is lower because the whole structure is 3D printed continuously.

  • Constructions can be any shape and size as a single unit.




Terrestrial Prototype

Demonstrated our technology in simulated space conditions


In Orbit Demonstration

Demonstrating the technology in orbit 


3D Printing Module Launch

Commercialy available 3D printing module for satellites


3D Printing Satellite

Satellite capable of printing large universal structures in exposed space


In-Space manufacturing

Manufacturing large scale structures for space stations and other aplications

Meet our team:

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Jakub Stojek, CEO

  • Jakub is entrepreneur with 10 years of experience running manufacturing companies.

  • One of his manufacturing companies generated €8M revenue in 3 months period and was the 22nd fastest growing company in Europe, according to FT1000. He was also nominated to Forbes 30 under 30 list.


Robert Ihnatisin, CTO

  • Robert is a multiskilled engineer in the 3D Printing Space. He worked at Formlabs, a 3D Printing unicorn, directly with the CEO as an R&D engineer on the next generation of 3D printers, resulting in several patent applications. 

  • Before working at Formlabs, he was designing open source 3D printers and he created one of the first open source laser resin 3D printer for under 250$.




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Interested to learn more about us? 

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